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Horoscopes: Aries New Moon Solar Eclipse & Mercury Retrograde

Let’s remember that this eclipse is the beginning of the “course” we will be taking for the next year and a half, working with Aries/Libra topics. This New Moon is the preview of those lessons and themes.

We’re being asked to face our inner dialogue - there’s a part that’s ready for a new beginning and another part that’s afraid of the change that it will imply for us and our relationships (Sun square Pluto).

We are being asked to approach new beginnings from the inner knowing that our soul wants to experience this for its evolution, which means whatever the outcome, it will benefit us because we will grow, and our relationships will evolve as well.

The north node in Aries teaches us about courage - feeling fear and doing it anyway. Taking chances.

The south node in Libra teaches us not to get distracted by what others think or get stuck in people-pleasing but instead focus on giving yourself the experience you desire so that you can have something to share with others. And let everyone else go off into their own exploration of what they desire and follow their own path - meet them halfway to share stories.

Let’s not forget Mercury retrograde in Taurus conjunct Uranus - this is bringing unexpected situations to think outside the box, change our perspective around abundance or scarcity mentality, and understand how the mind shapes our reality.  What are you focusing on?

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ARIES: How you see yourself, what you identify with, and your relationship with yourself, in general, is the focus - who do you want to be? What do you need to do to become it? Sun square Pluto tells us that there are some shadows to overcome around your wishes for the future and how you show up in your community - seeking approval can be exhausting; instead, give yourself what you need - This is how you show your leadership skills. Mercury retrograde in Taurus conjunct Uranus brings a new level of awareness around your self-worth, learning new ways of approaching your finances and how you work and opening your mind to collaborate with others.

TAURUS: Your spiritual side is awakening, and the focus is finding ways to reconnect with your soul and spirituality. The Sun square Pluto asks you to reconsider your approach to meeting your goals and your idea of success. If it’s not soulful - it’s not helping your purpose. It’s the delicate balance between achieving and resting so you can align with what really matters—setting time to feed your soul. Uranus retrograding in your sign brings monumental AHA moments and realizations about detachment, leading you to learn new ways of caring for yourself. It’s okay to go slow; it’s better to take time to get to your goals while enjoying the road than rushing through to get to the top while stressing over life.

GEMINI: What are your hopes for the future, and with whom do you see yourself sharing your love and talent? You’re becoming aware of whom your audience, friends, and community are that you’re calling in for the next phase of your life. The Sun square Pluto is asking you to expand your circle and open up to new cultural backgrounds in which you can be more deeply intimate. Mercury retrograding says it’s okay to let go and finish cycles. It’s essential to be where you feel at home, even if it’s a foreign place; go inward and find comfort inside your soul - yoga, meditation, and prayer help!

CANCER: What’s your place in the world? How do you see yourself in relation to your life’s purpose? There’s a big pull for you to step into bigger shoes with more responsibilities and greater discipline. The Sun square Pluto tells you this is about facing the deepest love you have for yourself, and in giving yourself that love, you will find the talent and strength to take your next big step. “Our deepest fear is not that we are inadequate. Our deepest fear is that we are powerful beyond measure. It is our light, not our darkness, that most frighten us.” I invite you to read the poem by Marianne Williamson, “Our Deepest Fear.”  Mercury retrograde is an opportunity to reinvent your social self - in social media, networks, friendships, and audiences, coming out of the closet to show who you are now and being selective with whom you share.

LEO: What do you believe is true? What is your life’s philosophy? Your awareness is expanding, and your appetite to learn and have a more optimistic view of life is growing. Perhaps a new mentor comes in, or a focus on studying inspires you to see your potential. The Sun square Pluto asks you to check in on your relationships, especially the ones you live with/family - those are your greatest teachers, and having honest conversations with them is your edge for growth. Mercury retrograding reminds you that your life goals are meant to be shared with your significant others and that perhaps the journey is not about where you’re heading but who’s going with it, so investing in those people is a valuable asset.

VIRGO: Healing happens when you face your inner critic and say, “Oh, I get it - you love me so much that you want nothing but the best for me, so that’s exactly what I’m going to give myself, the space to love myself including my harshness.” The Sun square Pluto asks for organization, not only in your physical space with your lifestyle and routines but also in your mental space - create a space for mind/body/soul alignment within your days. Mercury retrograding brings a sudden change of plans inviting you to open your mind to learn from other cultural backgrounds or to have expansive experiences, like taking a course that helps you in your expertise.

LIBRA: How do you see yourself in your relationships? What do you want to experience in partnership? The Sun square Pluto is asking you to go back to basics of simple fun, play, and romance–how can you create more of that in your life? Perhaps a hobby or talent that is calling for your attention. Filling yourself up from that inner joy shifts the energy in your relationships so that you show up already satisfied and with a deep inner knowing that you have so much to offer because you’ve already experienced that love from yourself. Mercury retrograding shows you where fears are holding you back from expanding into your next big thing - it’s asking you to get creative with your resources and use your self-expression for it.

SCORPIO: How can you bring mind/body/soul connection into your life? Getting organized in your daily routines to make space for your health is key to having a sustainable career. The Sun square Pluto puts the focus on past patterns coming from your family or how you were raised that are ready to be transformed - doing this emotional clearing is key to your healing and, in turn, gives you a sense of purpose that you then feed to the work you do out in the world. Mercury retrograding invites you to change the dynamics in your relationships/partnerships or see the future possibilities with collaborations with friends that can go to the next level. Memories from the past, exes, and such can come back for you to heal psychologically and change your perspective of relationships.

SAGITTARIUS: How are you showing up for love? What makes you feel alive? What are you passionate about? Your creativity is flourishing, asking you to birth your love into this world. How can you bring romance into your life? The Sun square Pluto says don’t be afraid to use your voice. Notice if your mindset is holding you back from your creative self-expression - change that inner dialogue for one that empowers you. Your unique voice and perspective are your superpower! Have a clear understanding of the love you want to experience and communicate that with your actions. Mercury retrograding invites you to change your lifestyle so that you have more room for relationships that help you achieve your goals.

CAPRICORN: What does your family need from you right now? And also, what do you need to give yourself to feel more at home? Your emotional well-being is the focus so you can be there for those you care for. The Sun square Pluto invites you to check on your relationship with your finances; do you have an abundance or a lack mentality? Worrying about the future takes your attention from the resources you have right now. Be grateful for what you have and focus your attention on what you deeply value to attract more of that. Mercury retrograding brings surprises in the love department or with children, mainly to get you to have more fun and use your creativity as a resource for financial stability.

AQUARIUS: The more information you consume, the more you need an outlet to express what you’re learning. Your mind is craving mental stimulation; follow your curiosity. The Sun square Pluto invites you to release an outdated version of yourself, an identity you’ve outgrown so that you can share yourself more authentically. Mercury retrograding brings changes in your family dynamic and/or in your home/living situation that opens you to greater levels of intimacy and creativity.

PISCES: Do you see your value? Your work is valuable not because of what you do but because of the love you put into it. The Sun square Pluto asks you to release beliefs that are keeping you small - it’s time to grow - and this growth comes from doing inner work and your relationship with God or reconnecting with your soul. Mercury retrograde brings news that changes your perspective around your family and relationships - how you want to live and with whom, putting your values first.

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