Welcome, I am thrilled the stars have brought you here.

My name is Valeria Torres, Sun in Aquarius + Moon in Taurus + Capricorn Rising with a stellium in the 12th house. I’m an esoteric Astrologer - here for you!


"Astrology is a reminder for the mind to trust"


When I began to study astrology and learn my chart, it awakened a deep sense of purpose that had been following me around since I was a young girl but could never quite figure out what it was. Astrology gave me the language to name what I couldn't describe before. I was able to pinpoint my deepest yearnings, and how to actualize them. 

I found meditation in my early 20s, then Yoga, and in my mid 20s came Astrology giving me a cosmic push to embrace that–being a practical mystic is my gift to the world. Having the ability to see the potential and karmic lessons in others while empowering them to understand themselves and their cycles, is what I do best!  

How it started... 

  It was in 2016 when I heard a voice during a shamanic journey, it said to study astrology formally. I googled "astrology school" and found Debra Silverman, an astrologer and psychotherapist with over 40 years of experience. She trained me to see astrology through the lens of psychology. 


I have since been a mentor at her Applied Astrology online school with the honor of passing astrological wisdom to people all around the world.

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I’ve also studied various modalities of energy healing since 2014. I use energy balancing techniques to assist my clients/students integrate the information they receive in our sessions. 

In 2019, I studied Human Design with Jenna Zoe from MyHumanDesign. I look-up Human Design for each client I work with and incorporate its teachings into all sessions. I'm a 2/4 Splenic Projector! 

It is my dream come true to translate your energy blueprint so that it serves your path! 


In Light + Love,