Meet Astroval!

Hi! I’m Valeria Torres, it's so nice to have you here, following your curiosity!

Astrology is a huge passion of mine, and I am on a mission to increase your understanding of your tendencies and build self-confidence based on self-love and compassion. I love teaching people how to re-frame their conditioning and regain their authenticity.


As an Astrologer Coach & Mentor, I use your chart to understand your energetic patterns and life cycles to assist you in transforming any situation into a blessing. My goal is for you to recognize your potential and direct you toward it!


I have hosted various Astrology workshops and have also had the honor to mentor for Debra Silverman's Astrology school since 2017, having the privilege to work with hundreds of people with a wide range of backgrounds and experiences from around the world.

I have also studied various modalities of energy healing since 2014, and use energy balancing techniques to assist my clients/students in the integration of information.

(Light = Information + Love = Energy work).

As an Aquarius Sun and North Node, Astrology gives me purpose, and I want to share this light with you! 

If you are looking for a session that will connect you with your intuition and self-awareness, let’s talk!… I’m so excited to connect with you!


Light + Love,