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Your Astrology chart is your cosmic mirror.

Each time you meet with AstroVal, she holds up this mirror to reflect on what you are ready to embrace according to your chart, transits, and progressions.

This way, astrology becomes a tool for growth and fulfillment as you apply its teachings to your continued unfolding.


Astrology is not a quick fix to your life; it merely gives you the awareness to shift your perspective and be the change you want to see in your life. 


Astrology Sessions with AstroVal are designed to illuminate your mind, elevate your spirit, and ground you back to your nature. 

Sessions are to be accessible to all! If you need sliding scale payment options, please email 


I’ve had two astrology sessions with Val, and I can’t recommend her enough. The sessions have been extremely insightful, helping me navigate current life themes, providing explanations as to why I may be facing certain challenges, and very useful and applicable suggestions to move through them. Val has a wealth of knowledge and is very intuitive, compassionate, and brings a beautiful energy to the sessions. My sessions with her have been transformative! 

- Dr Virupa Ramachandran 

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