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Full Moon in Leo: Our Joyful Responsibility

Happy Full Moon, Friends!

The first one of 2024 helps us see how we can take joyful responsibility for our lives. (Saturn and Venus creating a YOD pointing to the Moon in Leo)

As the Sun shines its light in Aquarius, we focus on our hopes and wishes for the future and the role we want to play in humanity. We start to notice the community we’d like to serve and the people we want to surround ourselves with. We may be looking for people with shared goals and values to network and exchange views we can grow with.

This Aquarius Season sees Pluto's influence bringing a new level of soul callings in the Aquarius area of our chart/life.

Look for your ascendant/rising, sun sign, and moon sign below, and pay attention if you’re feeling an intense desire or curiosity for change that you may have been burying for a while and now you can't deny.

Pluto unearths what is ready to be worked through and requires you to lovingly face your fears to evaporate them and move forward, bringing more pleasure and authenticity to your life.

  • Aquarius/1st house: Self-image, sense of style, brand, the role you play in the world, your identity.

  • Capricorn/2nd house: Self-worth and feeling good about yourself, personal finances, how you work and sustain yourself.

  • Sagittarius/3rd house: Mindset, your ability to relate to others, communication style, relationship with siblings, learning, sharing your skills.

  • Scorpio/4th house: Family and home, putting down roots, feeling like you belong, emotional health, connection to ancestry.

  • Libra/5th house: Creativity, self-expression, children/childhood, having fun, being playful, dating, exploring hobbies and passions.

  • Virgo/6th house: Health and daily habits, work life and co-workers or employees, being of service in a meaningful way.

  • Leo/7th house: Relationships and contracts, having honest conversations with your significant others, being true to yourself while having harmonious connections with others.

  • Cancer/8th house: Intimacy and sexuality, how you merge your energy with others, investments, shared finances, how you cope with psychological transformation - like death, pregnancy, spiritual awakening.

  • Gemini/9th house: Continuing education, your beliefs, religious experiences, and mind-expansive experiences like travel.

  • Taurus/10th house: Public status or recognitions, legacy and mission in life, life goals and career.

  • Aries/11th house: Your vision of the future, hopes and dreams, your community, social platforms, allies, and your audience.

  • Pisces/12th house: Spirituality, retreats, soul-exploration, mental health, ways you escape reality, rest, unconscious self-sabotaging patterns, setting energetic boundaries.

So the work of this Full Moon in Leo is to illuminate what is in your heart, for you to see what you're deeply passionate about or what love means to you and how you express it. It's an undeniable current that pumps you to take action; at its highest vibration, you feel courageous and take aligned steps toward your dreams, and at its lowest, it gets dramatic, having a temper tantrum and blaming others for not having what you want.

Especially as Mars in Capricorn is in a square to Chiron and opposing the Lunar Nodes, telling us that we can easily get frustrated and reactive unless we have regulated our nervous system through self-care.

We could also notice patterns of getting excited, taking on too many things, and then feeling overwhelmed, drained, and unable to enjoy or fully deliver what we signed up for. Jupiter in Taurus squaring the Full Moon tells us to find joy in slowing down, to be fully present in the here and now, and it is essential to know when to rest and when to perform.

We are being stretched to believe in ourselves, grow in confidence, and take leaps of the face by trusting our natural cycles. The lesson here is to start taking small steps to embody what your future self would already be doing.

We are learning to overcome fears about being accepted. This happens as we welcome our deepest callings and believe we are capable of incarnating them.

Leo moons are about doing what you love because your heart finds joy in it. It’s more like a lifeline, a natural by-product of what you value and feel deeply in your bones that is so authentic to you that you cannot help but express it.

The low road is only doing it because of the applause, recognition, or the love and affection that your actions produce. This is where the transformation and healing is happening.

Stand up and close your eyes, take yourself mentally to a happy place, and let your body sway, dance, or sing. If others come to mind and you start thinking, what will they say? Who's watching me? Will they like it?

Kindly bring your attention back to your heart and remind yourself of your joy - this is your why.

Let your actions come from that place with joyful responsibility!



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Thania G
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Thank you!!!

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Oh, it was your full moon!! 😍🦋

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