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Full Moon in Cancer: Our Subconscious Patterns & Potential

Hi friends!!

It's Capricorn Season, the time when we reflect on where we are heading in life and what we want to do in this lifetime. Who's thinking of their 2024 resolutions, goals, vision boards, and manifestation lists?

And as we reach the end of 2023, how many of us are reflecting on and celebrating what we've accomplished this year? Yaaaasss!!

Also, it's nice to be reminded to be gentle with ourselves for what we didn't achieve... and consider that sometimes it's the unfulfilled goals that motivate us to become accountable for what to work on next year.

So here comes the Full Moon, bringing on an end-of-the-year bitter-sweet feeling, touching on very sensitive spots, and creating a sobering effect because that's what Full Moons do - they bring awareness and help us see where our life needs balance.

This one shows us if we've been too concerned with material success and forgotten about having an emotional connection with ourselves and our loved ones or wanting to improve things and not acknowledging what is working here and now. The other side of the balance could show us where we are stuck in the past and have lost our zest for life or if we are making plans without taking action.

The job of the Full Moon is to connect us with our WHY. Let's get honest!

  • Why do you want what you want? (recognition, power, love, duty....etc.)

  • What is the feeling behind what you're looking to accomplish? Is it coming from a place of fear or joy? (urgency, excitement... what else comes up for you?)

  • Are others like society (Capricorn) or family (Cancer) influencing your decisions, and is it from a place of inspiration or guilt?

  • Book a session for 1:1 help with this!

Overall, this is a Full Moon that is propelling us to our potential with Jupiter and Saturn, the teachers of the sky, in a nice aspect to this lunation.

Saturn, the ruler of time, is in Pisces, telling us that we came here to manifest our soul's dreams. And Jupiter in Taurus tells us that we must have a life rooted in joy through consistency and repetition of our talent – what comes naturally to us that must be nurtured and embraced.

***We are learning about setting boundaries that honor our dreams and talent and to respect others' needs as well, with less judgment and more compassion.

Understanding that the work we do to reach our potential benefits our family and society as this is the legacy we leave to them.

Remember that Mercury retrograde and Mars in Sagittarius are still in a square to Neptune, so don’t fixate on planning details or arguments about what is right and what is wrong. We are still in introspection mode, looking inward for inspiration to get your heartfelt WHY, your driving force for 2024!

Happy Holidays and Happy New Year!!

All the best to you and yours,


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