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Energy Update - Cosmic Download

It’s Taurus season!! Happy birthday Taurus friends 🥳💖💐

The Sun moved into the earthy sign this morning, and for the first time in our existence, it’s being challenged by Pluto in Aquarius through a square aspect, which feels like we have ants in our pants—an internal discomfort that prompts us to make changes and start a transformation process.

The Sun in Taurus is our focus to be grounded, stable, secure, to enjoy this experience through the full spectrum of simple pleasures and finer things in life — Pluto in Aquarius says yes, but the way you brought that into your life is not sustainable anymore.

Uranus has been in Taurus since 2018 uprooting outdated values and traditions that don’t support our evolution. Now that Pluto is in Uranus’ sign of Aquarius, they’re working together to give us an upgrade. Hello, technological advancements!

As the world changes, so does our way of living in it. And that’s what this eclipse is showing us. Who you are becoming (Aries) requires a different way of supporting yourself (Taurus) - having hybrid eclipses this year in these two signs tells us to pay attention to both areas of our lives/charts.

📆 *Saturday April 29th I'm hosting a class for The Cosmic Garden on The Eclipses & Your Destiny— understanding your points of destiny and how the eclipses in 2023 are pointing you to whom you came here to become!

Join us:

The current energy is about learning to be creative and innovative. The evolution is not only taking place in computers but also within our mental capacities - we are becoming more aware of the power of the mind, we are awakening to our greatness, and with that comes the responsibility of what you do with what you know. Energy is neutral until is directed by us. Where are you putting your attention?

*We’re doing a Taurus Season challenge inside The Cosmic Garden to bring the attention back to ourselves and give ourselves the value and recognition we deserve through a simple daily ritual*

That is why appreciating the work of Mercury retrograde is essential.

When Mercury retrogrades, we receive a software update. When these updates are taking place (next three weeks), we must reset, give ourselves the space to rest, and reboot while being patient with yourselves and others—we must learn how to use these updates and get used to them. Journaling helps tremendously! The downloads we are receiving need to be channeled and put to use; that is why you will see communities shifting and people finding their way to where they “fit” in and be themselves with like-minded people, so we’ll be making new friends to share our ideas.

The deal is that Taurus values quality for its long-lasting effects and doesn’t like to change what it has grown accustomed to. Pluto invites us to keep those values and what works while being honest about what is not working or is not sustainable anymore; we must think outside the box to create something new. It’s time to step outside our comfort zone, experiment, and take chances. Taurus doesn’t like that, and that’s okay. We’re learning to accept what we already know but have been storing it away, now is the time to ask — what do we do with what we know deep inside?



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