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Full Moon in Gemini: The Story We Tell Ourselves

Hi friends!!

It's Sagittarius Season, a crowd favorite... a time to be jolly and expansive! But it's a bit different this time because for the first time in 28 years we have a Sag Season with Saturn in Pisces, creating pressure for an awakening. Instead, the typical happy-go-lucky Sag vibe feels more mature and restrictive—asking for a measured and responsible approach! Think long-term instead of one night of fun.

This season is about questioning your beliefs, opening your mind to learning new ways, strengthening your faith, and seeing the bigger picture to aim your arrow (third eye) on a one-point focus to take you onto your next journey of purpose.

The Gemini Full Moon upon us is igniting an emotional realization about our inner dialogue– noticing what we tell ourselves and others.

Here's the work with this Full Moon:

We have two squares (tension) between Sun/Mars/Moon and Saturn + Mercury and Neptune.

  • The Sun and Mars are together in Sag, giving us the stamina and determination to grow and experience BIGGER AND MORE. The Moon in Gemini is expressive, giving us the emotional need to communicate and share our stories with others. Mercury is also in Sag, so we can speak faster than we can process our thoughts and say things without thinking them through. One thing is for sure: truth is coming out, and what needs to be said will be displayed; we just have to be willing to own our truth because Saturn squaring this lunation asks us to take responsibility for our thoughts and words so that they are in alignment with our ultimate goal. Not talking just to talk, but instead being mindful of what we put out there. Because thoughts and words become things, that's a Saturn reality check!

Pay attention to the part of you that can feel like you are not moving fast enough and getting impatient (Sag/Gemini), and another part of you is learning to slow down and listen to yourself to make adjustments (Pisces).

We may catch ourselves with a pessimistic mindset because Saturn creates a 'not good enough' feeling with its square, putting extra pressure on us to check in with our faith... to ground ourselves in compassion and acknowledge how far we've come.

Let's remember that Saturn in Pisces is teaching us about Spiritual discipline, so having something that anchors us to our Divine essennce – the energy within you that is whole and complete, that isn't separate from light and love. This commitment to your relationship with your Higher Self is especially helpful for your mental health.

We could also be reminded of the importance of boundaries and checking if where they are too strong and need to be loosened or where they are too weak and need to be reinforced.

We may find ourselves rearranging our schedule or lifestyle as this lunation's T-square releases in Virgo, meaning the medicine for the tension can be found by cleaning and organizing our physical spaces to reflect the mental state we want.

  • Now, let's talk about Mercury. It plays an important role this season as it is the ruler of this lunation (Gemini), and it is retrograding between Capricorn and Sagittarius, AND Neptune is squaring it at the time of this lunation.

Our mind (Mercury) can be unclear with the square to Neptune, so permission to say I need a moment to process before making a big decision; this is true until the end of Mercury retrograde on January 1st, 2024.

Also, notice if you're drifting into la-la-land and losing touch with reality, keep yourself with one foot on the ground taking care of practical matters like bills, budgets, neat spaces, and another foot on the clouds connecting with your imagination, inspiration, and spiritual insight.

Mercury entered its shadow period on November 25th, meaning the topics we are dealing with now will be revised when Mercury retrogrades starting December 13th. We may change our mind with things related to life goals, career, public image, social status, and tradition (Capricorn things), steaming from changes in our philosophy, politics, worldview, beliefs, studies, and spirituality (Sagittarian things).

Nothing is set in stone during this time. This is a time for trial and error. It's Sagittarius season, after all, meant to explore.

We are learning how to reframe our thoughts and the way we share with others. Even considering how we spend and express our affection during this generous season of giving and receiving.

Venus is on the south node, another reminder that a different way of relating is emerging. And we are all new at it, so let's have compassion for ourselves and others while we figure out our new dynamic.

With love,


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