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An Emotional Transformation: New Moon in Scorpio

Hello friends! The New Moon in Scorpio coming in at 4:28 AM EST on November 13th is quite the emotional push-up where we have to put in lots of effort, though it comes with a willingness and the stamina to take the necessary actions for a new beginning that disrupts stagnancy in our lives.

There's a reinvention, an opportunity for a new start that can be emotionally intense because it's having you dig deep inside yourself for the courage (Mars conjunction) to face fears and look at yourself with compassion (trine Neptune).

This New Moon requires moments of silence and introspection to hold space for deep breaths while psychologically interviewing yourself to find your shadow - where are you holding repressed emotions that are begging to be looked at?

Scorpio reminds us that it is in the recognition and awareness of what we carry deep inside of us, of the things that we are perhaps afraid of, embarrassed of, or just haven't had the time to sort out – that is where the healing is!

Once we become aware of these things, transformation happens. It takes a load of love to sit with ourselves to face these things. This is self-love. When we carve space in our lives to bring love to these parts of us that we don't want others to see. When we dare to be the first to love those things about ourselves or our lives, love heals and transforms lower energies into empowering ones.

Do you see the power of this New Moon?

A yoga class, a bath, meditation, sound healing, contemplating in nature, or an extra long shower can offer the medicine to hold this kind of space for yourself.

Uranus is sitting opposite the New Moon, creating unexpected changes in the Taurus area of our lives. There is something, someone, or a situation in front of us provoking us to do things differently, which can be incredibly uncomfortable or inconvenient to the stubbornness inside of us, but Uranus brings evolution, so change is a must to continue to live!

This change is what is inspiring the emotional healing and a transformation in the Scorpio area of our lives, initiating a new beginning that, with the help of the union between the Sun and Mars a few days after the New Moon, is creating a two years lasting effect for this rebirth to happen gradually.

Every time the Sun and Mars meet, it symbolizes a new two-year cycle of focus on where our physical energy will be aimed.

Like when they met in Libra in 2021 and for the last two years, we were putting our efforts into our negotiating skills, relationships, harmony, and diplomacy.

In 2019, they met in Virgo, and we were concerned with our health and our lifestyle during the pandemic and lockdowns.

This year, they meet in Scorpio, and this is about emotional transformation. We are learning to be emotionally stronger. Healing our wounds as they come and then moving on instead of storing them in a closet and wallowing in them. Taking risks to see rewards. Being vulnerable and having deeper intimate connections with others, not only investing our energy but also materially. And daring for our passions!

So, without a doubt, this New Moon's effect is incredibly powerful and invigorating. Check where 20º Scorpio is in your chart or read for you Rising and then Sun sign.

1st house/Scorpio: Your identity, deeper self-awareness, a renewed relationship with yourself and your body.

2nd house/Libra: Your finances, work, values, self-worth, physical possessions, and how you provide security for yourself.

3rd house/Virgo: Your mindset, learning and communication skills, design, marketing, siblings/cousins, short-distance travel.

4th house/Leo: Your home, family, emotional health and safety, lineage, ancestors.

5th house/Cancer: Your creative projects, hobbies, talent, children, performance, romance, dating, love life.

6th house/Gemini: Your health and wellness, daily routines, lifestyle, work environment/coworkers, pets, maintenance of body and physical spaces.

7th house/Taurus: Your Relationships, partnerships, contracts, marriage, roommates, people you have commitments with.

8th house/Aries: Your joint ventures/finances, other people's money(taxes/debt/inheritance), emotional/psychological healing, occult/taboo, sex, what's hidden.

9th house/Pisces: Your life philosophy, foreign countries/travel, faith, mentors, higher education/certifications/courses, teaching.

10th house/Aquarius: Your legacy, life's work, fame, public persona and recognition, social status, life goals, and accomplishments.

11th house/Capricorn: Your community, friends, allies, audience, social media, your hopes and wishes for the future, humanitarian causes.

12th house/Sagittarius: Spirituality, soul connection, dreams, yoga, meditation, rest, retreating, behind-the-scenes work.

Also, for the first time in one and a half years, Scorpio is not having any eclipses. This area has been wiped clean and fertilized for us to plant new promising seeds in this area of our chart.

Remember that this isn't about seeing effects right away; this is about seeing this area of life with new eyes and approaching it with the conviction that the work we put in will bear its fruits. The key is how we emotionally treat this area and do the necessary shadow work as it comes!

Here to empower you,


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