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Jupiter in Taurus - Horoscopes!

This week, there will be a noticeable shift in energy as Jupiter moves into Taurus!

Here's what you need to know...

Our lives have seen significant improvements in the Taurus area of our life. This began in 2018 when Uranus entered this sign and will continue until 2026. Its purpose is to encourage us to innovate and update our approach to Taurus-related topics. Taurus represents the foundation of our lives, including our work, values, food, and material security.

In 2022, the North Node moved to Taurus to stay until July of 2023, awakening us to be loyal to our core values. Helping us to understand the innate value each individual has - not because of what they do or how much they have, but because of who they are – the unique gift they offer the world when they honor themselves.

The idea of work has evolved significantly, requiring a substantial shift in mindset and a break from past conditioning. For example, slavery - forced labor. So much healing has been done to reframe what it means to work. Uranus has been teaching us how to free ourselves from outdated concepts and embrace our talents to find fulfillment in our work.

Considering that the alignment of Uranus and the North Node in Taurus since last year has accelerated the development of AI, which is taking over many of our mundane tasks. This is allowing us to simplify our life to create more space to focus on activities that bring us joy and enhance our natural skills and self-worth.

Let's pause for a moment here.

To acknowledge how MONUMENTAL the work we are doing here. Humanity is changing right before our eyes, and our actions are influencing this.

While there are differing perspectives on the state of the world, it's important to acknowledge both the positives and the negatives - Yin Yan.

What I've observed is that one cannot exist without the other, so while acknowledging both, it's crucial to keep a positive mindset and strive for the best outcome.

So how do we do more of that?

Enter Jupiter in Taurus!

The giant of the sky comes into Taurus on May 16th to stay for a year. Its job is to open our minds and expand us to more wisdom, faith, and a renewed philosophy in the Taurus area of our chart.

Jupiter brings blessings and opportunities that require us to step outside our comfort zone.

Whatever prevents you from being on the high road of Taurus, Jupiter makes it bigger so you can finally see it from a different perspective and create beneficial changes in your life.

Having retrograded in Taurus just before Jupiter’s transit, Mercury was helping us see how different we are in this area of our life already.

Aries: your values

Taurus: your relationship with yourself

Gemini: your spirituality

Cancer: your vision for the future

Leo: your life goals

Virgo: your education

Libra: your intimacy

Scorpio: your relationships

Sagittarius: your lifestyle

Capricorn: your love

Aquarius: your family

Pisces: your mindset

So what is the high road of Taurus?

It’s embodying your worth. Knowing when to rest and when to work. Knowing what you value and being loyal to that. It’s to use the material world as a means of expression of your Higher Self and spiritual aspirations.

Now, as soon as Jupiter enters Taurus, it’s challenged by Pluto in Aquarius, which means before we grow in the Taurus area, there’s a transformation starting first in the Aquarius area.

When we have this type of challenging aspect in the sky, the low road of their energies often comes up first until they are reconciled.

One of the many low roads of this aspect could be Fear and worry about money. Being willing to compromise your values to do whatever you have to do for material gain.

Reconciling these two energies could look like reinventing yourself and being creative with your resources.

Here’s a brief look at your horoscopes for Jupiter's entrance into Taurus. If you have any questions, we'll go into greater detail during our New Moon gathering on Friday :)

Aries: Jupiter brings wisdom on finances, work, and being in your worth which blesses you financially or by feeling more secure. Before you get there, Pluto asks you to heal your relationship with technology and how you socialize. How you saw your future playing out could change because your perspective on what’s truly important is different now.

Taurus: Jupiter brings greater confidence and interest in self-development, increasing your faith to see your potential and plant the seeds of new inspirations being the source of wealth and well-being for the coming 12 years. A new life cycle is beginning in how you see yourself and your identity in the world, with more confidence and positivity. You may be inclined to travel and study more while Jupiter visits you. Pluto, on the other hand, is initiating a transformation in your life goals and ambitions, creating changes in your career and responsibilities.

Gemini: Jupiter is blessing you with profound insights of knowledge and understanding about emotional and spiritual healing and heightening your intuition through meditation, mindfulness, visualization practices, and dream work. This is the time to deepen your spiritual practice and gain excellent results from these studies, which can help you advance your career and improve your relationships. Pluto empowers you to transform your life’s philosophy through new studies/teachings.

Cancer: Jupiter is expanding your social circle and getting you to see more significant potential for your future, perhaps by growing your clientele base or audience. This is your chance to step outside of your comfort zone and get out there more to share your talent and passions. Pluto represents the psychological healing you are experiencing by empowering you to face your fears with vulnerability and intimacy and how you handle joint finances with others.

Leo: Jupiter is putting a big spotlight on your worldly achievements and career! Perhaps more recognition, promotions, expanding your business, finding a new job or a career that aligns more with your life’s mission. Jupiter adds more ambition and opportunities to fulfill your life’s goals. Pluto asks you to deepen your relationships through honesty. Changes in how you do relationships are on the way, which empowers you to balance work/family dynamics.

Virgo: You may be blessed with opportunities to expand your horizons and gain new insights through Jupiter's influence. These opportunities could come from travel or finding a mentor who can inspire you to teach and broaden your perspective. Foreign travel, relocation, immigration, and legalities can be benefited by Jupiter here. Pluto is the call for an improved lifestyle for better health and wellness.

Scorpio: Jupiter is blessing your relationships and associations, bringing foreign possibilities for you to collaborate or grow with. If you’re already in a relationship, you’ll take it to the next level, and if you’re single, you’ll get to meet people that feel more in alignment and relatable to partner with. And if there are constrictive contracts, Jupiter opens up ways to make them more beneficial. Pluto represents the changes at home, with your family and deep-seated ancestral patterns being transformed. Privacy is needed while you grow.

Sagittarius: Jupiter is helping you improve your health by finding the right supplements, medicines, nutritional plans, doctors/experts, and work environment. Jupiter here can bring more work and teach you how to organize your lifestyle and cope with stressors. Pluto is empowering to develop your intellectual skills, mindset, and learning methods to have greater focus and concentration. Observe your self-talk, be mindful of what goes on inside your head, and give yourself positive affirmations.

Capricorn: Jupiter is blessing you with abundant creative juices and projects, children that expand you into your next level, romance or new love that brings more passion, and a feeling of playfulness and joy in general. Especially if you’re an artist or beginning to explore this side, Jupiter here brings learning/teaching opportunities. Pluto is your inclination to make changes that reflect what you value most in life, which leads you to reassess your possessions, work, and finances.

Aquarius: Jupiter opens new opportunities to grow your family, relocate to a homier place, gain property, or expand what you already own. There’s also a greater sense of belonging and improved relationship with parents or having a new perspective on parenting or reconnection with your ancestry. Pluto empowers you to transform your self-image, detach from outdated identities, and become more authentic. This leads to a new way of seeing yourself.

Pisces: You may notice a positive shift in your thoughts as Jupiter encourages a more optimistic mindset and a desire to learn and explore new things. Consider sharing your ideas and communicating more openly, as it could lead to many benefits. Short trips may also be a great way to satisfy your curiosity. Improving your relationship with your siblings and connecting with neighbors. Pluto is the deep-seated healing, clearing karmic lessons by understanding your subconscious patterns. Pluto here asks you to retreat occasionally to clarify your soul callings and lessons.

Here's to sustainable growth!



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Thania G
Thania G
May 17, 2023

🌱🪴🌳🌴🍄🌷🪷🌻🌞 YUMMY! Thank you for this!

Replying to

🧚🏼‍♀️✨ you’re welcome!! This is being activated this week with the Jupiter - north node conjunction 👌🏼

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