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Astrology Forecast July 24th - 30th

Hello friends!!

The cardinal grand cross is active and provoking - we are still navigating through a significant juncture that is shaping our destiny.

Notice – what are your impulses, what are you interested in learning more about, what is calling your attention, who is entering your life or leaving, what are you inspired by, and what is triggering you?

My number one recommendation is to pay attention to life - what is it showing you, where is it pointing you towards? Just notice it without making rushed decisions. Just observe and explore as if you’re testing the waters. And journal about these things because they are significant for our development in the coming year and a half.

Please know that even if you feel pressure to figure out the most promising decision for what’s next, when the lunar nodes are involved - the Universe is delivering to you exactly what you need to evolve your soul. There is no right or wrong here because whatever you choose is exactly what you need. What you can do is show up wholeheartedly for what you want, and if you don’t know what that is, it’s because you’re not quieting to hear your heart’s calling, and you may be distracted by the mind’s external noises, others’ voices, or opinions.

When you know what’s in your heart, the next step is to trust it and follow that call.

This is why moments of reflection are imperative when Pluto is highly active. Not only do we have Pluto intersecting the lunar nodes, which is transforming our life to deliver us to our soul’s work, but we also have the first quarter moon in Scorpio on Tuesday - telling us to be present with ourselves to learn from our emotional triggers - so lots of shadow work - there is the article I left you the other day about integrating Plutonian energy.

It’s important to note what we are holding on too tightly or attached to and trying to control what is not in our position or place to control because that is what stagnates us, like wanting someone to change or for them to see you as you want them to - this keeps you from progressing - put the attention and efforts on yourself not them.

Go inward and take responsibility for what you’re feeling to transform lower vibrations into empowering solutions that you can implement and illuminate the path for those who want to see (Pluto in Capricorn).

You see, because the Sun is now in Leo, our will to individuate in order to recognize ourselves brings us to our talent, and with our talent, we illuminate, we bring light to the world, and that’s how we teach or lead, that's how we use our force or power.



Here we find two lions, one as the personality and the other as the soul. The lower lion loves the limelight and recognizes itself through validation. The other lion doesn't need validation–it stands in authenticity. This season invites us to find our center between these two. To know that you are the most amazing being, and so is everyone else, and celebrate that we are all unique in our own way! Another way to look at this is that you are an expression of God/Universe/Source; it's within you and in everything else.

Leo season is a process of discovering - "who am I and what do I like, and how do I express that?"

And yes, this is something that we have to ask ourselves every year when the sun visits this constellation because this is how we evolve; every year, we are to integrate the next level of each sign within us.

And this year, with Venus retrograde, it’s essential that we review what we are attracted to and calls our attention.

We’re also going back to our inner child or past version of ourselves to ask – “what did you love doing, or what would you have loved to do to express yourself creatively? I’m in charge now, and I’m going to give you what you love.”

This is the healing work between the moon in Scorpio - and the sun in Leo. To dare to look at the parts of us that never got to shine, and with love, make space for them to have a chance.

Neptune is also very active this week via inconjuctions with Mercury and Venus - our dreamworld can deliver us incredible and out-of-this-world ideas, especially since Mercury and Venus are conjunct on Thursday. We may also want to share our visions and communicate what’s in our hearts with others, and we could come off as passionate or dramatic.

We’ll need to make space for creativity and play to express the inconjunction energy through inspiration. Otherwise, it can feel like we’re dragging and not want to participate in adulting, or we’ll want to escape and have unnecessary expenses.

And lastly, we have a Mars in Virgo trine Jupiter in Taurus aspect, which will be happening exactly next week, but we are already starting to receive that energy - this is excellent to see the big picture or goal and plan towards it by getting organized and collecting what we need to achieve it.

Wishing you a lovely week ahead!


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