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Taurus Season Homework - Full Moon in Scorpio

Some of the things we are working with during Taurus Season are the stories we tell ourselves around the Taurus Archetype: How we provide security for ourselves, work, values, self-worth, money, and possessions.

Let’s take the topic of money.

Take 30 seconds to write down all that comes to mind when you think of money.

This helps to bring awareness to the stories you have about it. You can do the same for all the other words related to Taurus.

What we are doing here is acknowledging the meaning we are giving to these aspects of our reality. Money, work, and possessions are neutral energies. There are infinite possibilities in which they can be manifested, and the stories you have around them create the outcome in your reality. These stories can be deeply engraved in your DNA, passed down from family, and learned from your environment. They can be reprogrammed or reinforced; it depends on you.

That is why we are here, doing this work together.

We are reviewing this season’s topics by bringing light to how we relate to them. This way, we can see if these stories are empowering us or making us victims, and we can choose to work on changing the ones we don’t like or build upon them, fortifying the ones we do like.

This is the power each one of us has to change or transmute what is holding us back. Power is the archetype of Scorpio - and this full moon eclipse helps us to bring the things that are due for a transformation to light.

The first step of transformation is awareness - that’s what we’re doing with this exercise. The second step is reinforcing a new pattern - so if you think “work is hard, or making money is hard,” begin to play with the possibility that “work is fun and comes naturally to me” - consider different thought patterns/scenarios that make you feel expansive. Again think - are these stories making me a victim or empowering me?

At first, contemplating an expansive scenario might feel elusive and illusive - perhaps challenging to consider it as a reality. Depending on your story and the emotional charge it has for you and your history/family, it may take more reinforcement than others. For some of us, this may be our life’s work to change these patterns in our family lineage.

The first step is becoming aware of these stories, and the second is supporting the new story with our actions/behavior/habits.

If you’ve done a session with me, now you know why I assign homework - to help reinforce the new story.

Here’s why I consider this work necessary:

Because not only do we have eclipses in these signs, which is the universe’s way of nudging us to upgrade these areas of our life, but in general, this is the work of Self-Actualization through Astrology.

It’s also what I was called to do with The Cosmic Garden.

The work we do with each season is the foundation we set out for the next year until the sun returns to this sign. And each sign/season builds on from the previous one.

So last month, we were learning about Aries - who am I? Now we are learning about Taurus - my value. I have to know who I am and what I like for me to understand what I value. When I know this, I will naturally feel confident and secure about who I am and what I have to offer. So then, when we go to Gemini season next, I will have more clarity on the topics I want to learn about and talk about what I love so I'm not bored with life.

It’s a BEAUTIFUL process working this way with Astrology. And it's a pleasure to share this path with you!

Much love,


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