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Solstice & Cancer Season!

We are finishing the cycle from the Spring Equinox, which was the Astrological New Year with the entrance of the Sun in Aries, marking the coming out of our shell and into a new way of being (Aries Season), valuing who we are (Taurus Season) and learning to express what we value (Gemini Season).

Now, with the Solstice energy with the entrance of the Sun in Cancer on June 21st at 10:54 am EST, we are coming into the next phase, which is about our foundation - our inner world and how we take care of it.

This is when we focus on our emotional well-being (Cancer Season), our love (Leo Season), and our physical health (Virgo Season) until we have the next Equinox in three months.

So with this Solstice energy, it is imperative that we tend to nurturing ourselves so that we can extend that quality of love to others. Let's check-in with these questions -

- What can I do to express love and appreciation for myself?

- How am I showing myself compassion for where I am in my process?

- How am I being compassionate with my significant others for where they are in their process?

Let's be mindful that the Summer Solstice is the longest day of the year for us in the Northern Hemisphere, and so it brings in a lot more light. What happens when the light comes in? It illuminates our shadows, so we may start noticing emotions we've been carrying and didn't pay attention to before. And we can feel more sensitive to the outside world or more aware of how others impact us.

Also, our sleep and energy patterns may be recalibrated during the days around the solstice.

It’s highly recommended to spend time out in nature on the day of the Solstice or have a moment in meditation to visualize yourself recalibrating with the Earth’s energy. Although this process happens on its own because you are nature, it’s nice to have these ritual moments to celebrate being in tune or one with Creator and its Creation.

Setting a moment aside for yourself to do this is a symbolic way to affirm to the Universe how you care for yourself.

So make space for “feel good” moments which will help you create strong bonds with people that you feel comfortable being around, like family, and connecting with that feeling of “ooooh yes, this is why I do what I do.” While also making space for nostalgic moments for when it is needed to appreciate what once was - reminds me of “summertime sadness” Lana Del Ray's song.

That’s the deal with Cancer season; we have to make peace with extreme moods. It’s human to feel the full spectrum of emotions – it’s our nature!

The Moon is the ruler of this sign, changing every 2.5 days, so during Cancer season, the lunar shifts from one sign to the next is felt more impactful emotionally. And each shift brings an incredible amount of wisdom that comes with flowing with the moon’s cycles.

The point is to not get stuck in one emotion but to fully embrace them so that they go as they come. The trick is to regulate ourselves as needed.

This is where unconditional self-love applies; we must radically accept what is to move through with it.

We get stuck when we attach our ego (Sun/personality) to our emotions and make it about ourselves or take it personal - the moon just wants to feel it and move on.

Which brings me back to COMPASSION - let’s establish

"I am compassionate with myself and others" as the affirmation for this season.

If you were your own daughter/son - how would you treat/care for yourself?

*Keep this in mind throughout Cancer Season.

Because Cancer is in the bottom of the chart, the 4th house, it represents the root of our being. The healthier the roots, the taller the tree – The work we do during Cancer Season determines our capacity for growth and success in the world (Capricorn Season).

Here's to your growth inside The Cosmic Garden. Let's take care!

Much love & Happy Solstice,


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