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Reflecting on Jupiter in Aries - Horoscopes

Jupiter is ending its year long transit through Aries. Let's look back to acknowledge the ways in which we've grown in the Aries area of our chart/life.

Here's the biggest thing to remember with Jupiter: IT EXPANDS US - getting us out of our comfort zone.

Listen to your Sun and Rising sign to notice how your philosophy on these topics has changed since last May when Jupiter first went into Aries.

Now Jupiter will be moving to Taurus starting May 16th - more on that next week!

*Reminder that we will have a New Moon gathering inside The Cosmic Garden on Friday, May 19th at 11:30 am to talk how to work with the current energy of Jupiter in Taurus + Sun entering Gemini Season AND a practical magic ritual to anchor our energy with intention in what we want to see more of in our life!

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