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Hello, my friends!

The upcoming Full Moon on October 28th is the closing of the Taurus-Scorpio eclipses that began in late 2021, which means that since then we've been learning how to heal from deeply buried memories (Scorpio) that kept us in fear from manifesting a more stable and desirable life (Taurus). We've been schooled about our innate self-worth, trust, value, financial health, sustainability, intimacy, vulnerability, and have transformed one way or another with these topics.

And now with this grand finale eclipse, although it's partial because the lunar nodes have already moved to Aries and Libra, the effects of it are greatly noticed since we will never be the same again in the Taurus and Scorpio areas of our life, and this eclipse is the big aha for us to acknowledge that!

Let's get into the details:

The Sun is in Scorpio, where we face our deepest fears and desires. With Mars and Mercury also in this sign, there is the courage to make bold decisions and go after what we are deeply passionate about. As scary as it may be, the influence of the trine from Saturn in Pisces to the planets in Scorpio is inspiring us to take responsibility for our dreams, knowing that when we commit to our soul's calling (Pisces), we are being rewarded with a deep sense of purpose which brings immeasurable pleasure to our life (Scorpio). And whatever this big passion is, we can hear it loud and clear during these days around the eclipse. Get quiet, go inward and you'll know deep in your bones what your next course of action is!

On the other side, we have the Moon in Taurus standing next to Jupiter, providing us with the confidence to explore outside of our comfort zone and the trust that this growth is creating new levels of stability and security.

Eclipses bring fated ends and beginnings to our lives. This one carries the effects of what was started in May this year since this is a full moon which brings us to a completion or climax of sorts.

We are being asked to make peace with what has transpired.

Eclipses are portals, like revolving doors that filter out what no longer serves and deliver us what we'll be working with next.

Taurus reminds us to be here and now. We may feel the urge to think about what could have been or what will be (Mercury in Scorpio); but all we need to do is to keep our attention where our feet are and ground ourselves into the feeling (Moon in Taurus) of the preciousness of what is in the now.
Even through the horror (Scorpio) of what is happening in the world or the misfortunes that life can sometimes bring, there is always something to be grateful for, and that is what Taurus/Scorpio teaches us; about the bittersweet moments in life.

That there is innate beauty AND pain in this world, one cannot exist without the other. And it's our job to acknowledge both, especially with a Full Moon, which brings us to a balance.

So ask yourself; have you been focusing too much on the pain? How can you bring yourself to see beauty? And if you've been ignoring the pain, how can you lean into it to extract the beauty in it?

And if you cannot see the preciousness of this moment, please slow down to look around and take in this instant, breathe deeply into your being, and acknowledge what is, with reverence and acceptance for this is your creation. Deep breath. Feeling every cell of your being, what it means to be you at this moment, and acknowledging all of the Scorpio emotions that are within your being - sitting with what is and bringing your attention to what is true here and now, not what your mind is making up, but what is real in front of you - you're breathing, the earth is holding you, you are loved. What else is real for you? And then find a moment to celebrate that! Because this Full Moon in Taurus next to Jupiter is an invitation to do that :)

Now take a look at where 5º Taurus is in your chart - this is the area where a significant shift is happening, and a new level of YOU is showing up in this area of life.

ARIES: How you work, what you value, what you do to support yourself.

TAURUS: How you see yourself, what you identify with, your body/appearance.

GEMINI: How you connect with your spirituality, your dreams, soul connection, and heal.

CANCER: How you relate to your community, friends, social network, and your hopes for the future.

LEO: How you are publically recognized, your life goals, ambition, career.

VIRGO: How you share your truth, your philosophy, foreign affairs, learn/teach and explore the world.

LIBRA: How you heal and transform psychologically, face your fears, vulnerability, sexuality, intimacy, and deal with debts or other people's money and energy.

SCORPIO: How you are in your relationships and associations as they bring you changes.

SAGITTARIUS: How you live your day-to-day and arrange your routines for a healthier lifestyle.

CAPRICORN: How you play, have fun, your creative projects, children, romance, hobbies.

AQUARIUS: How you care for yourself emotionally and take care of your home family.

PISCES: How you think, learn, communicate, and design your life.

As always, with eclipses, I like to take my hands off the wheel and let the Universe's plan unfold. My ego is the faithful servant of God and my Higher Self, so I listen carefully and trust.

With love,


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Faye Ibars
Faye Ibars
27 oct 2023

Beautifully written!!

Me gusta

Soo good!

Brought a lot of awareness 🙏

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Me gusta

26 oct 2023

Thank you for your wisdom. This is perfectly on point, per usual. xo, Brittlebops

Me gusta
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Thanks sweet being! Happy to help 💕

Me gusta

26 oct 2023

Thank you Val 💕

Me gusta

With heartfelt gratitude for the gifts you provide us all. With love🥰💞

Me gusta
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🫶🏼 so grateful for you and my audience!!

Me gusta
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