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Libra Full Moon Activation

Libra Full Moon Activation


In this audio recording, I explain the areas of life this full moon is activating for each of the 12 signs. 

Listen for your Sun and Rising signs, if you don't know what they are, contact me, and I'll assist you -


I encourage you to consider your relationship with those topics based on your Sun/Rising. And put your attention on revamping those areas of your life. 

It's so significant that we take this moment for ourselves to focus our energy on what we want to see grow in our lives.


You'll also be guided through meditation to balance your feminine and masculine energies within yourself by anchoring into the Divine Mother and Divine Father energies of the Earth and the Cosmos.  

We then go into an energy healing exercise to clear and support the energies in your existing relationships and gently recalibrate the ones no longer aligned with your soul's path. 


You will also receive a journaling exercise and a practical magic tip to work with this Libra Full Moon energy. 


*This Full Moon Activation is for those who want to give their soul the gift of presence. This activation strengthens the relationship with yourself, and you'll see how that translates and shows in all of your other relationships, not only romantic but also with work - pretty much all the people you want to do life with! 





Ps - This activation is complementary to The Cosmic Gardeners membership. Check it out and join us LIVE next month! 


*Recorded April 4, 2023 

This energy is ripe through April 19, 2023 - after that, the areas of life don't apply as much, but the guided meditation is powerful to do anytime!

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