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In this 1.5-hour class, you will be presented with information that will benefit you for a lifetime. 


You'll learn the following:

- How to locate the "Points of Destiny" in the natal chart.

- Understand how to work with these points (lunar nodes). 

- Gain insight on which topics your soul chose to grow through in this lifetime.

- What does it mean to have planets on your lunar nodes, planets squaring your lunar nodes, or "skipped lessons" and learn to locate them in the natal chart.

- Understand the lunar nodes through the houses - which life areas to focus on for your soul's growth.

- What happens when eclipses are in the same, opposite, or squaring sign as your lunar nodes? When you feel eclipses the most. 

- How to locate the current eclipses in your chart and understand which areas the lessons of releasing and growing are coming from. 

- Overview of the 2023 eclipses

- Closing meditation to integrate the information you learned - helping you from where you've been to where you're going


    • "This was life-changing information! It helped me not only to recognize my own patterns and behavior, but it also motivated me to step into the direction I had been shying away from. And it broaden my understanding of astrology in general"  
    • "Thank you so much, Val. This class was amazing. I am blown away from all the knowledge! I will be rewatching this!" 
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