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Pre-register for my new class
"Eclipses & Evolution: Navigating Your Soul's Path"

Eclipses serve as powerful catalysts to align with your destiny.

Every six months, an eclipse portal opens, offering opportunities for personal evolution.

In this class, you will:

  • Learn to work with your soul's curriculum by integrating your North and South Nodes. Explore their signs and houses to understand how to align with your path of growth and fulfillment.

  • Learn which eclipses are most impactful for you and how this year's eclipses are influencing you. 

  • How to prepare for eclipses and how to harness their power for your spiritual purpose.

Pre-order $60 - Price will go up! 

Release Date March 20th 

This is a self-paced class with the option of booking a tutoring session with me at a discounted rate. 


*Basic Astrology knowledge required. 

*You'll be working with your chart, so you need your exact time of birth.

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