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Working with Venus - Beauty & Prosperity

We want to pay attention to what Venus is doing because this planet connects with what we are attracted to.

Each time she visits a sign, she stays for about a month, and while she’s there, it’s our opportunity to renew our energetic agreement with the topics of the area of our life she's in, reviewing what we value or what’s essential for us in that department.

Working with Venus helps us develop a greater sense of worth and confidence because when we know what we like and then do the work to reaffirm it in our lives - it shows as manifestations in our external world.

With Venus, we are working with the energy codes of beauty and prosperity - who doesn’t want that in their lives?

I have a few more reasons for focusing on Venus, especially right now:

  • The main one is because the lunar nodes, the evolution points, are still in Taurus and Scorpio. Taurus, as the North Node, means this is where we need to focus for soul growth – and Venus, the ruler of Taurus, lets us know we need to pay attention to what she is doing and follow her lead.

Want to understand more about eclipses and how they connect you with your Soul's evolution?

  • I want to set us up for success by working with Venus in Cancer to have a solid foundation to get the most from her retrograde lessons.

Venus will retrograde at the end of July until September in Leo - Venus retrograde is "A Return to Love." If you have not read this book by Marianne Williamson, this could be your best summer read!

  • Venus retrogrades once every two years, and this year’s retrograde is very important because it’s helping us integrate the lessons we learned since 2021 with the eclipses in Taurus Scorpio.

During the month of July, Venus will transition from being the ruler of the North Node to the South Node. Her retrograde movement is aiding us in reconciling this shift, as she moves from the North Node in Taurus. This placement has made it evident what is truly important to us and to be loyal to our values. Now, as Venus enters the South Node in Libra, we will learn to let go of the urge to seek approval from others. Reminding us that by doing what we love, we will naturally attract those who are meant to be in our lives.

We now have Venus entering Cancer to stay until June 5th. I love that this transit connects with Saturn in Pisces, giving Venus a sense of emotional stability. After coming out of Eclipses, we are being shown the tools to help us reinforce our boundaries so that we can focus on grounding ourselves through practices that help us feel more at peace with our emotions and more connected with those that are foundational to our purpose.

*Remember, Astrology provides guidelines for channeling cosmic energies and integrating them into our lives. This is the age of Aquarius! It’s not just receiving information but also embodying these vibrations - Being the link between heaven & earth.

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