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Where Venus goes, so does our attraction to create love, beauty, and prosperity in our lives.

When she moves signs, our appetite for those topics is enhanced.

This year, she's being greeted by Pluto in Aquarius (never before seen in our lifetime) —helping our feminine energy to feel more empowered!


ARIES: Venus in your communication sector invites you to share your thoughts and follow your curiosity for what you’d love to learn more about. It’s a great time to invest in your studies and, at the same time to market yourself. Get out there and share yourself; Pluto in your social sector is bringing influential people into your life, but you have to get out there!

TAURUS: Venus in your money sector is activating your passion for the finer things in life; pay attention to your spending habits while enjoying what you value in simple pleasures. This is a great time to make connections for work; your ability to relate well with others enhances your own personal finances. Pluto in your professional sector says don’t shy away from responsibilities that lead you to a higher position.

GEMINI: Venus in your sign is giving you good juju! It’s a time to invest in yourself; bless yourself with your love and attention. It’s a great time to focus on your physical body, appearance, or brand; how you show up in your world. What’s your style? Pluto in your foreign affair sector invites you to step outside of your comfort zone and explore more.

CANCER: Venus is in your sector of soul work, so you may be more private or doing behind the scene work like healing as you’re closing chapters and ending cycles. This is a great time to reconnect with your soul’s desires; spending time alone can help you listen to your soul’s whispers. Pluto in your intimacy sector reminds you of the power of vulnerability, getting raw with your thoughts, and facing your fears.

LEO: Venus is in your social sector, boosting your relationship with your friends and community. It’s a great time to cater to your audience on social media or perhaps get into online dating. Pluto is empowering your relationship sector so that you get deeply honest with your partners and the people you want to do life with.

VIRGO: Venus is in your sector of career and life goals, reminding you what your ambitions are and bringing opportunities to your career. This is a great time to enhance your social connections at work and invest in your business or in skills related to your life goals. Pluto in your daily-life sector encourages you to make lifestyle changes to support your health.

LIBRA: Venus in your foreign sector attracts you to open your mind to explore outside of your known territory by traveling, learning something new, or meeting someone that expands your horizons. Pluto in your love sector is opening your heart to romance or creative self-expression.

SCORPIO: Venus is in your sector of transformation, and emotional

healing can intensify your relationships to have deeper intimacy. Venus here can also boost joint ventures and shared finances. Pluto in your family sector invites you to transform the relationship with your loved ones, heal the past and create your own sense of home.

SAGITTARIUS: Venus in your relationships sector attracts you to spend more time in one-on-one connections. If you’re in a relationship, this is a great time to think about ways to have unforgettable experiences with your partner. If you’re single, this is a great time to go on dates and learn so much about yourself through meetings. And if you’re not in the market for romance, this is a great time to negotiate your way into contracts or anything that brings peace to your world. Pluto, in your communication sector, is inviting you to communicate more than you have before and also observe/transform your mindset, especially as it relates to relationships.

CAPRICORN: Venus, in your sector of health, organization, wellness, and routines, is focusing on creating harmonious relationships at work with your co-workers or your work environment. Venus here also highlights your lifestyle, so creating that healthy balance in your day-to-day and designing a schedule that works best for you. Pluto in your money sector is empowering you to see your value as you transform the way you manage your resources and how you work.

AQUARIUS: Venus in your sector of romance, creative expression, and fun is opening your heart to invite more love in - dating, hobbies, children/play are all things that could be more attractive to you right now, and since Pluto is in your sign - who you are and how you show up is going through a transformation process which invites you to rediscover yourself by expressing what turns you on!

PISCES: Venus in your home and family sector may inspire you to create a more harmonious environment, whether you redecorate or have conversations with those you live with to bring more peace to your home. Pluto in your spirituality sector invites you to heal your past and learn when it’s time to close chapters.

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