It’s the start of a new calendar year! ✨🎊🤗 ⁣

Today, the Sun and Saturn are meeting in Capricorn. This shines a light on our responsibility to give meaning and purpose to our lives. ⁣

Since we are prepping for the New Moon in Capricorn on Jan.5th (our first partial solar eclipse of the year) 💫 this is when we set our intentions for the Capricorn area of our charts(lives)... ⁣

I invite you to ask yourself these questions and use the answers as a way to structure your New Year’s resolutions on the day of the New Moon Eclipse, Saturday (day of Saturn)!

1. What gives meaning and purpose to your life right now? ⁣

2. What is your definition of your life purpose?⁣

3. How are you creatively (Sun) actualizing (Capricorn) your purpose (Saturn)? ⁣

For Capricorn New Moon Consultations, DM me! 30 mins $50 USD. 🌟This is me, creatively actualizing my purpose!✨🙃

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