Capricorn Full Moon in Cancer

🌕🎄✨ So I close my eyes to old ends, and open my heart to new beginnings…

Full Moons bring with them an energy of culmination. Here, we are untangling roots and cutting cords with what we once identified ourselves with. The Cancer archetype relates to our connection with what is familiar to us; the country we were born in, the profession we have been in for years, how we see ourselves from the inside— which correlates to how we were raised.

The Sun standing in Capricorn directly opposite from the Moon says it’s time to take responsibility for our growth. As our story drifts from what we’ve always known, we are asked to check-in with our basic needs (our moon sign) and feed those needs as a parent nurtures their child. Find your inner authority and create the principles and foundations in which your inner child thrives in.

It is okay to let go of pre-established rules and laws that are no longer fitting. It is okay to originate a new way of being. And as we continue to evolve our species, we must honor where we come from and those who paved the way for us... Close your eyes and open your heart— ask to deepen your connection with your ancestral roots, they will remind you why you are here and assist you in giving your life purpose.

Full Moon Blessings! ✨

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Image- unknown artist.

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