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Being the One

After having had an Astrology Session with AstroVal, and gaining deeper self-awareness, have you wondered what it would be like to have continuous insight and breakthroughs?


Join Being The One Astrology Community to benefit from working with AstroVal as your mentor! 


Being The One is about taking personal accountability to be the change you want to see in the world by applying the teachings of astrology from a self-actualization perspective. 


We do this by focusing on the area of life that the Sun is moving through each month. Every month/season has a different theme and it applies uniquely to your chart. 


Together, we will work through your chart and the astrology weather as a self-love practice. 


You will have:

- Exclusive access to our Telegram group chat.

- Daily tips on how to succeed with the current

  astrology transits.

- Weekly astrology forecast.

New & Full Moon live group calls to set 

  intentions and check in with your progress. 


This membership is for everyone -

with little or a high level of astrology background.